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World citizens worry about biodiversity loss

A public consultation on biodiversity loss shows that most people are concerned.


WIPO recognises developing world rights

The World Intellectual Property Organization has adopted a fresh agenda that recognises the rights and needs of …


'Biopiracy' requires reasoned treatment

The fight against biopiracy must embrace both legitimate science and social justice if biodiversity itself is not …


Ownership squabbles 'hindering' conservation

Arguments over ownership of animal genetic resources are delaying vital conservation efforts, say experts.


Developing nations 'need genetic resources rules'

Developing countries should create legislation on indigenous genetic resources or risk losing out to developed …


How local knowledge can boost scientific studies

More should be done to strengthen ties between formal scientific research and informal grassroots innovations, …


Botanical gardens not just 'pretty places'

A report released today urges more support for botanical gardens because of the contributions they make to …


The case for science-based agriculture

Although GM crops are controversial, they can still play an important role in meeting the world's food needs. But …


Biodiverse countries call for tighter patent rules

The world's most biologically diverse countries have called for stronger patent rules to protect access to their …


Thailand may sue US researcher over rice research

Thai officials may sue a US researcher if they can prove he used a protected strain of jasmine rice in his …


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