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Global ranking reveals innovation gap in South-East Asia

Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand are the only South-East Asian representatives among the top 50 most innovative …


Indigenous biodiversity 'crucial' to forest futures

Indigenous species and local community involvement are key to regenerating the world's forests, argues a report by …


South-East Asia blazing a trail on research collaboration

South-East Asian countries have higher rates of international collaboration on research than the global average, a …


Mosquitoes with 'selfish genes' may help fight malaria

Selfish genes could enable mosquitoes resistant to malaria or dengue fever to outcompete the natural population.


Diet of breast milk alone reduces HIV transmission

Feeding infants exclusively on breast milk reduces the risk of HIV/AIDS transmission — with implications for …


WHO report identifies challenges to TB control

A WHO report says that TB rates are on the verge of decline but progress is being held back by the challenges of …


Scientists create GM mosquitoes to fight malaria

Scientists have created a malaria-resistant mosquito, which can dominate mosquito populations in the laboratory.


Reinfection 'the main cause' of drug-resistant TB

Chinese researchers have shown that direct reinfection, not poor treatment, is the biggest culprit in the spread …


US$1.5 billion scheme creates market for vaccines

An international fund will speed up the development of new vaccines for use in poor countries, starting with …


New test diagnoses TB in half the time

Researchers have developed a new diagnostic test for tuberculosis that is twice as fast as existing methods and …


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