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Indian scientist salaries 'matching Europe'

Indian researchers wages compare favourably to those in Europe, according to a European Commission report.


Vinegar 'simple and cheap' cervical cancer test

Four per cent acetic acid can be used to detect cervical cancer in areas without access to Pap smears, according …


Oral HIV test is accurate, say researchers

New research shows that an oral test for HIV is 100 per cent accurate, and could help control HIV epidemics in …


High price of drugs in Malaysia excludes the poor

Basic drugs are too expensive for Malaysia's poor due to the government's free-market commitment and failure to …


Think small for water management, say scientists

Improving water management for small-scale farmers could help water scarcity and food shortages in developing …


India and ASEAN agree on collaborative research

A freshly signed declaration will foster collaborative research between India and Southeast Asian countries.


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