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Ownership squabbles 'hindering' conservation

Arguments over ownership of animal genetic resources are delaying vital conservation efforts, say experts.


'Hardy' livestock on the decline in developing world

Hardy livestock breeds in developing countries are under threat of extinction as higher-yielding animals are used …


Science publisher extends journalists' access

Science publisher Elsevier is to provide journalists from developing countries with free access to research from …


Government interference 'impeding science reporting'

Governments in the developing world are policing science reportage of large public-funded projects, say journalists.


Scientists identify a chink in HIV's armour

Researchers have discovered a fatal weakness in HIV that could help develop an effective vaccine.


Scientists launch an online global map of malaria

Researchers have created a global map of communities at high risk of malaria to help policymakers target resources …


Climate change action must include peatlands

The degradation of peatlands in South-East Asia is a huge, neglected source of greenhouse gas emissions, warns a …


Scientists get free access to environment journals

A new scheme will give scientists at many developing country institutes free access to over 1,000 environmental …


UN agency issues warning over untreated sewage

Raw sewage is threatening marine life near the coasts of many developing countries, according to a report by the …


Scientists want global body to advise on species loss

Scientists have called for a new international body to advise governments on the action needed to avert a …


Rising CO2 levels not as good for crops as thought

Rising levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide will boost crop yields by less than half of what was previously …


Botanical gardens not just 'pretty places'

A report released today urges more support for botanical gardens because of the contributions they make to …


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