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Space technology to speed up TB detection

Technology originally conceived for space exploration could provide faster and more accurate testing for …


Gates foundation gives US$280 million to fight TB

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will donate US$280 million to fund several initiatives to fight tuberculosis.


Donor agencies risk 'piecemeal' capacity building

Short-term projects, narrow focus, and the competitive funding process threaten sustainable development projects, …


Quake survival, not foresight, needed, say experts

People in earthquake-prone cities need education and stronger buildings, not just early warnings and disaster …


Hotter Earth implicated in tropical rainfall rise

More rain is falling in the tropics, say researchers, and it could be because of rising global temperatures.


Method 'extends' stockpile of bird flu vaccine

Scientists have designed a method to extend current stockpiles of bird flu vaccine, meaning more people could be …


US appoints new science advisor for foreign affairs

A geneticist will become the next science advisor to the US government's State Department, which deals with …


Poverty and corruption fuel tropical forest fires

Poverty and political instability undermine the effectiveness of reserves set up to protect tropical forests, …


Developing world projects toast of the town

Sustainable energy projects from developing countries were celebrated at the annual Ashden Awards for Sustainable …


G8 renew pledges on climate change

Leaders of the G8+5 countries have renewed pledges to tackle climate change, but have not agreed targets for …


Scientists demand G8 action on climate change

Scientists from both the developing and the developed world insist that the G8 must act on climate change.


Satellite data reveals seismic link to volcanoes

Satellite data on Indonesia reveal a link between earthquakes and volcanic activity, and this imaging could help …


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