Joel Adriano

Joel Adriano


Joel D. Adriano is the regional coordinator for the Asia Pacific edition of SciDev.Net.

Prior to joining SciDev.Net, he worked with development and communication projects that dealt with the environment, agriculture, science and technology.

As a journalist, he has worked as sub-editor of The Manila Times, published a weekly column on the environment, and a regular contributor for print and online media like The Asia Times and The Entrepreneur. He holds a Master’s of Science degree in environment studies from the University of the Philippines.

Contact Details: [email protected]

Location: Santa Rosa City, Philippines

Languages Spoken: English, Filipino

Areas of Interests: Science, health, environment, agriculture, education, development communication

Local/Demographic Interests: Youths and women

Topic Interests: Development journalism, climate change, forestry, fisheries, urbanization, population management