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UK warns of huge cost of not tackling climate change

Tackling climate change now will cost far less than dealing with its impacts, warns an imminent report from the UK …


Cutting emissions without an economic slow-down

An accountancy firm has worked out how to sustain economic growth in emerging economies while cutting carbon …


US$3 billion pledged to fight climate change

One of Britain's wealthiest entrepreneurs, Richard Branson, is committing billions towards research into renewable …


Treating parasitic worm could increase malaria risk

Research in Madagascar has found evidence that giving people drugs against a parasitic worm may worsen malaria …


Bird flu protein's 'pocket' could inspire better drugs

A newly discovered detail of the H5N1 bird flu virus's structure that could be exploited to make new, targeted …


Rising temperatures spell fire, drought and forest loss

Researchers have warned that climate change will lead to greater risks of drought, wildfires and forest loss in …


H5N1 and human flu 'hybrid' does not spread

Researchers have created various combinations of the H5N1 bird flu virus and a human flu virus, but say none could …


Drug library yields 'promising' malaria therapy

Researchers have found that a drug widely available for treating allergies is effective against a strain of …


Some drug resistant forms of TB more likely to spread

A study shows that drug-resistant tuberculosis bacteria are not necessarily weaker than their non-resistant relatives.


Media 'need support in explaining climate change'

A survey in four developing countries suggests public discussion on climate change is hampered by the media's poor …


Project to assess sustainability of Asian rice farms

Scientists are developing a set of indicators to measure the sustainability of rice production in South East Asia.


WHO boost for research on neglected diseases

The World Health Organization last week passed an agreement to promote research and development on diseases that …


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