Dates: 22nd– 26th November 2021 

Venue: Addis Ababa University/African Union Headquarters 

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 

THEME:  Migratory Pests and Invasive Species: Early Warning System, Monitoring, Control  and their Impact on Food Security, Environment and Livelihoods during COVID-19  pandemic.” 

The Executive Committee of the AAIS and the Entomological Society of Ethiopia (ESE) Addis Ababa University (AAU) and the African Union invite you to the 24thAAIS Meeting and  Scientific Conference, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The conference will provide a forum for  effective communication and exchanging of information and ideas between participants on  various aspects of insect science. It will also promote the advancement and dissemination of  knowledge relevant to the needs of Africa. Approximately, about 300 scientists are expected  to attend the conference both from outside and within Ethiopia.  


English and French will be the main languages at the conference. Translation will be  

available during plenary sessions. 

Submission of Abstracts  

Abstracts should be submitted using the application form on the AAIS website: not later than the deadline, 30th April 2021. 

Selection and Notification Process  

Notification of acceptance of contributions will be made by the end of June 2021. Abstracts  (in either English or French) should not exceed 300 words and should be formatted in Times  New Roman, 12-point font size, single space, and presented as follows: Title in capital  letters; Surname and initials of the authors in capital letters; Authors’ affiliation and  addresses. The summary, in one paragraph, should contain information concerning  objectives of the study, materials and methods, results, conclusions and keywords (max 5).  Save the abstract under the First author name. Save in version MS word 2003 or later (.doc  or .docx extension).


Oral Presentations 

The presentation of the contributed papers is limited to 10 minutes and 5 minutes of  discussion. All authors are invited to prepare their oral communications using AAIS  PowerPoint template available on the AAIS website link: 


The presentations on posters will be made on a surface of 90cm x 90cm. The text should be  legible from a distance of 2 meters. Although posters will be on display throughout the  conference, during poster sessions, contributors will be expected to avail themselves for  discussions with the participants. 


Fellowships to enable students and young scientists undertaking cutting edge research to  participate may be available. Deserving applicants may apply to the Hon. Secretary-General  [email protected]; [email protected] for consideration. Participants are also  encouraged to approach other donors/agencies or institutions for assistance. The Secretariat  can issue a letter of invitation on request to support such efforts. Female participants are  highly encouraged to apply.  

Young Scientists Award 

An award will be given to the best presentation depending on budget availability.  


Registration fees cover attendance at all sessions, welcome reception, conference lunch,  dinner, morning and afternoon tea, cocktails, airport transfers and transport between  designated hotels and conference venue. 


Cost of registration  Amount (USD)
Corporate delegate  1000
Honorary delegate  500
Non-member of AAIS  200
Foreign delegate, member of AAIS  150
Local participant, member of AAIS/ Entomological Society of  Ethiopia (ESE)  100
Local participant, student, and member of AAIS/ Entomological  Society of Ethiopia (ESE)  50


Students must provide proof of registration, signed and stamped by the relevant authorities  at their institutions.  

Advance payments could be made to AAIS bank account (below): 

  • Account Name: AAIS  
  • Account No: 402000864 (US Dollars) 
  • Swift Code: KCBLKENX  
  • Bank: Kenya Commercial Bank Ltd.  
  • Moi Avenue Branch, P.O. Box 30081, Nairobi, Kenya. Telegrams KENCOM, Nairobi  Telex: 22231 Tel: +254 20 33668 Fax: +252 20 225637


Please indicate clearly on the transfer that the payment is for the 24thAAIS Conference. Any  transfer fees are payable by the participant. Payments done in cash can be addressed to the  treasurer of the LOC with receipt as a proof of payment. 


Name of the hotel  Contact details/cost in USD
Semien Hotel
Addis View Hotel
Ras Amba Hotel
Desalegn Hotel
Ararat Hotel
Gion Hotel
Elelie Hotels


All these hotels are nearer to Addis Ababa University. Transport from the hotel to conference  will be provided. Accommodation rates (all B&B) have been negotiated for the interested delegates. Please note that the rates vary between hotels. The option of shared rooms  exists at the participants’ discretion to help reduce costs. For booking, please liaise with the  LOC. 

All participants are requested to organize their booking as early as possible. 

For further information on accommodation, kindly liaise with the hospitality committee of the  LOC: Dr Ofgaa Djirata, email [email protected]; Mr Abera Haile, email,  [email protected] 

Banking and Currency Exchange 

The currency in Ethiopia is Ethiopian Birr (ETB), participants are encouraged to convert their  respective currencies into Euros or US dollars to facilitate exchange. We strongly advise  participants to take comprehensive short term medical and travel insurance, which should  cover the possibility of any unforeseeable occurrences.  

Socio-Cultural Activities  

We shall organize a conference dinner for Tuesday 23rd November and excursions for Wednesday 24th November afternoon. 

Immigration and Visa Requirements  

Participants should contact the Embassy of Ethiopia or the consular office in their respective  countries for relevant documents. For participants from countries without an Embassy of  Ethiopia, please liaise with the LOC (email address: [email protected] or  [email protected]) to facilitate your visa process. 

Ministry of Health Regulation 

All participants are requested to follow ministry of health regulations regarding the Covid-19  pandemic. Yellow fever vaccine is also mandatory. 

Airport Transfer  

Foreign Participants will arrive in Addis Ababa through Bole International Airport.  Participants will be received and transferred to their respective hotels. LOC will facilitate  everything.



“Migratory Pests and Invasive Species: Early Warning System, Monitoring, Control  and their Impact on Food Security, Environment and Livelihoods during COVID-19  pandemic.” 


Desert Locusts: Monitoring Surveillance and Control 

Invasive species in Africa: Monitoring Surveillance and Control 

Commercial and Edible insects for improved livelihood 

Impacts of climate change on insects in Africa: opportunities and threats Insect biodiversity and Taxonomy 

Biological control for a sustainable environment and food security in Africa Beneficial insects (bees, silk) in pollination and sustainable livelihoods in Africa Human Health including Medical entomology and Public Health 

Veterinary Entomology: Study of animal diseases and acarology 

Socio-economic impact of insects on food security and livelihood 

Technology Transfer and Capacity Building 

Regional Policies on the production of safe food


Local Organizing Committee (LOC)

Responsibility  Name & contact
Coordinators General  Professor Emana Getu – Chairman (Addis Ababa University) Email: [email protected]
Treasurers  Professor Emana Getu 

Dr Araya Gebrrselaise

Secretaries  Dr. Sisay Dugassa- Secretary (Addis Ababa University)  Email: [email protected]
Hospitality and Venue  Dr Ofgaa Djirata, email [email protected]; Mr Abera Haile,  email, [email protected]
Scientific Committee  Professor Emana Getu- Chairman (Addis Ababa University)  Dr. Ofgaa Djirata- Member (Adama University) 

Mr. Abera Hailu- Member (Secretary of ESE- Entomological Society  of Ethiopia) 

Dr. Workeneh Ayalew- Member (ICIPE, Ethiopia), 

Dr. Tesfu Fekensa- Member (Biodiversity Institute) 

Dr. Araya G/Seliase- Member (Addis Ababa University) Dr. Addis Teshome- Member (IGAD) 

Dr. Shifa Ballo- Member (ICIPE, Ethiopia) 

Dr. Habte Tekie- Member (Addis Ababa University) 

Dr. Daniel Getahun- Member (Adama University) 

Dr. Amanuel Tamiru- Member (ICIPE, Kenya)



AAIS Executive Committee 

Responsibility  Name & Contacts
President  Dr Saliou NIASSY, International Center of Insect Physiology and  Ecology (icipe), Kenya. Email: [email protected]
Vice President  Dr Hayder ABDELGADER, Agricultural Research Council (ARC),  Sudan. Email: [email protected]
Hon. Secretary-General  Dr Abiola OKE, National Horticultural Research Institute  (NIHORT), Ibadan, Nigeria. Email: [email protected];  [email protected]
Treasurer  Prof. Z. Ngalo OTIENO-AYAYO , Rongo University, Kenya.  Email: [email protected]
Editor in Chief  Prof. Sévilor KEKEUNOU, Université de Yaoundé, Cameroun.  Email: [email protected]; [email protected]
Co-editors Francophone  Prof. Antoine SANON (Burkina Faso) Email: [email protected] Prof. Mauricette OUALI-N’GORAN S. W. (Ivory Coast)  Email: [email protected] 

Dr. Gisèle FOKO (Cameroon) Email: [email protected]

Co-editors Anglophone  Prof. Emana GETU (Ethiopia) Email: [email protected] Prof. Faiza Elgaili ELHASSAN SALAH (Sudan)  

Email: [email protected] 

Dr. George F. OBIERO (Kenya) Email: [email protected] 


Featured activities 

Side events Scientific programme  

Desert Locusts management  Fall Armyworm and its  implication on Food Security in  Africa: Lessons learned  

Capacity Building-African  Entomology Curriculum 

The scientific programme will include an  inaugural conference, seven plenary  sessions and scientific presentations in  relation to the respective sub-themes.  Members are encouraged to organize  round-tables/symposia with thematic  focus areas 

For more information please contact: 

Hon. Secretary-General, Dr Abiola Oke, National Horticultural Research Institute (NIHORT)  Ibadan, Nigeria. Email: [email protected]; [email protected] with a cc to  LOC, Ethiopia, Email: [email protected] 

For more information and updates, please visit: