24th Meeting and Scientific Conference of the African Association of Insect Scientists (AAIS)

The African Association of Insect Scientists (AAIS) serves persons and institutions interested in the
promotion of insect science and its application in the African Region. The AAIS 2021 announces its
24th Scientific Conference as follows:


22 – 26 November 2021
Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia
“Migratory and Invasive Pests: Early Warning System,
Monitoring, Control and their Impact on Food Security and Livelihoods after the COVID-19 pandemic.“

• Desert Locust: Monitoring, Surveillance and Control

• Invasive species in Africa: Monitoring Surveillance and Control
• Commercial and Edible insects for improved livelihood
• Impacts of climate change on insects in Africa: opportunities and threats
• Insect biodiversity and Taxonomy
• Biological control for a sustainable environment and food security in Africa
• Beneficial insects (bees, silk) in pollination and sustainable livelihoods in Africa
• Human Health including Medical and Veterinary entomology, and Public Health
• Socio-economics impact of Insects on food security and livelihood
• Technology Transfer and Capacity Building
• Regional Policies on production of safe food


A second announcement with more details will be sent to those who will have filled the registration form. Participants are encouraged to respond as soon as possible.


The head office of the Association is based in Nairobi, Kenya.
Local Organizing Committee:
Professor Emana Getu – Chairman (Addis Ababa University)
Dr. Shifa Ballo – Secretory (icipe, Ethiopia)
Dr. Ararya G/Selasie – member (Addis Ababa University)
Dr. Tesfu Fekensa – member (Biodiversity Institute)
Dr. Amanauel Tamiru – member (icipe, Kenya)
Dr. Addis Teshome – member (SDC, Ethiopia)
Professor Delinasaw Yewalew (Jimma University)
Workneh Ayelew (icipe, Ethiopia)