Visiting Professors

Applications for 2019 round are due to open on 15 February 2019 and closes on 5 April 2019

This scheme is only open to UK universities.

This industry-into-academia initiative aims to utilise the experience of the Visiting Professors to enhance student learning as well as the employability and skills of UK engineering graduates. This scheme is not intended to support research interactions between industry and universities, for which separate schemes exist.

Under the objectives of this scheme, senior industry practitioners participate in course development, face-to-face teaching and mentoring of engineering undergraduates at the host university for at least 12 days a year for three years.

This Award provides the university with the support necessary for the attendance of a Visiting Professor to a maximum value of £10,000 per year over three years up to a maximum of £30,000 in total.


The Academy has published six reports to date to support these schemes, the most recent,Educating engineers to drive the innovation economy, was published in April 2012.
Educating engineers to drive the innovation economy (1,018.68 KB)
Rough Guide to being a RAEng Visiting Professor (747.89 KB)


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