Vera Ouma


Vera Ouma is a professional journalist from Kenya and a graduate of Multimedia University, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology

She has worked with various media houses such as Royal Media Services as News Editor intern where her major roles were daily news production, editing news and feature stories and archiving of footage.

Vera is self- motivated and vision oriented to work to the best of her ability and gain vast number of skills in her area of study. She is hardworking, an achiever, goal oriented and focused to undertake any project signed to her with the seriousness it deserves

Her goal is to put her expertise and knowledge to use by creating useful, interesting and valuable content.



Contact Details:
Persist ID: @VeeOuma
Location: Nairobi, Kenya.
Languages Spoken: English
Topic Interests: Women's rights, Women in Technology, Technology, Mental health, Health, Environment, Education, Climate Change, Agriculture
Local/Demographic Interests: West Africa, SubSaharan Africa, South Africa, East Africa