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Progress or PR? How to report clinical trials

T.V. Padma shows you how to separate real progress from hype and challenge poor practice when you're reporting on …


Crop research 'must switch to climate adaptation'

Crop research must switch to climate change resilience instead of higher yields, say experts at an international …


Fighting for sight in the developing world

T. V. Padma takes a look at methods that are helping the developing world's blind people see again, and helping …


Space technology 'invaluable for development'

Satellites are invaluable for gathering and delivering important information to advance developing countries, …


Asian disaster management project to expand

A Japanese initiative using satellite data to provide disaster information in Asia could extend its coverage to …


Treat HIV babies early, urge researchers

A South African trial has shown that treating HIV-infected children with antiretroviral drugs in the early months …


Gaps in HIV/TB research spell 'catastrophe'

Patients infected with both HIV and TB are not being diagnosed or treated adequately due to wide gaps in research, …


Gene therapy and new drugs hold HIV promise

A human trial of HIV gene therapy and new drugs hold hope for treatment, say scientists at an international HIV …


Better screening takes the fight to drug-resistant HIV

Scientists have developed a faster, cheaper method to screen for drug-resistant HIV, an increasing problem in …


WHO plans to 'strangle' drug-resistant TB

The WHO hopes its new, two-year plan will keep a 'stranglehold' on drug-resistant tuberculosis and save over a …


Scientists crack mosquito code

The genome of the Aedes aegypti mosquito will give insight into its biology and behaviour and could lead to new …


Drug-resistant plague a 'major threat', say scientists

Plague could easily develop drug-resistance and become a major health threat, warn scientists.


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