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African bank steps in to boost digital revolution

New policy and funding from the African Development Bank could make Africa's communications initiatives a reality.


African leaders endorse ICT to cut poverty

Leaders at a summit in Rwanda have agreed to implement ICT initiatives to cut poverty and stimulate development.


Blanket bednet coverage best, say researchers

Studies in Kenya show insecticide-treated bednets significantly reduce malaria deaths and widest usage is achieved …


Climate change devastating wildlife in East Africa

The Kenya Wildlife Service says climate change is to blame for unpredictable animal migration and the spread of …


UNEP: climate change behind Darfur conflict

A United Nations Environmental Program report says environmental degradation is driving the conflict in Sudan's …


Satellite images put all eyes on Darfur

Science is helping aid agencies track military attacks in volatile regions of the Sudanese region of Darfur with …


African children do better with digital

Introducing e-learning into schools across Africa will open up huge educational opportunities and narrow the gap …


African ecologists unite for environment

East African ecologists have formed a new society to address escalating threats to the region's environment.


East Africa establishes climate monitoring centre

A new regional climate monitoring centre will enable East African countries to better predict climate-related …


Zambian ICT policy 'fails to address key issues'

The new information and communication technology policy could benefit some farmers but fails to involve the …


UNEP meeting warns of dangers of biofuel production

Environmentalists meeting in Nairobi warn that planting crops solely for biofuel production may cause catastrophic …


AU endorses biotechnology plan, but not science fund

Heads of state at the AU summit have endorsed a 20-year biotechnology action plan, but failed to reach agreement …


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