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New Tanzanian president promises science boost

The newly elected president of Tanzania says he will boost science, with a focus on agriculture and fisheries.


Tanzania to spend '1% of GDP on research by 2015'

The Tanzanian government has promised to increase its spending on research and development to one per cent of its …


Minister says Tanzania is growing GM tobacco

Despite delays in introducing a regulatory framework for GM crops, Tanzania — according its agriculture minister — …


GM crop tests get green light in Tanzania

Tanzania has become the seventh African country to authorise first field trials of genetically modified crops.


Major plan to boost African agriculture unveiled

A plan to revitalise Africa's agricultural system - that has science at its core - has been unveiled in Tanzania.


South Korea to build technical institutes in Tanzania

Tanzania's growing economy is set to get a further boost as South Korea gives the country millions to build four …


Poor nations get tough on climate change

Some of the world's poorest nations have drawn up an agreement demanding that rich countries fund efforts to …


Fast DNA analysis to revolutionise Tanzanian science

Tanzanian scientists predict that the arrival of rapid DNA analysis in the country heralds a new dawn for national …


Egypt will help Tanzania with 'inevitable' GM crops

Egypt has promised to provide technical support to help Tanzania embrace genetically-modified crop technology.


Tanzania looks abroad for GM advice

Tanzania wants its ambassadors to seek scientific advice from other countries to help pave the way for the …


Tanzania to double research budget

The Tanzanian government plans to double its spending on scientific research to US$600,000 in the next financial year.


Tanzania trains rats to detect tuberculosis

Researchers in Tanzania have shown that using rats to sniff out TB bacteria can improve early detection of the disease.


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