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HIV 'cure' doctor sues science academy

A Nigerian doctor is suing the country's science academy after it published a report casting doubt on his claim to …


Policy advice 'poses challenge' for Africa academies

Africa's science academies are improving their engagement with policymakers, but anticipate further challenges …


South Africa weighs up ten-year science plan

South Africa hopes to transform its economy in ten years by investing in science and technology via public-private …


South African HIV trial suffers setback

Trials of a HIV vaccine in South Africa have been halted after trials in the United States have shown it has no …


Improved nutrition 'cannot replace HIV or TB drugs'

A review from researchers in South Africa has found that improved nutrition can never replace drugs as a treatment …


Scientists: Don't neglect HIV/AIDS research

Scientists are calling for ten per cent of all AIDS funding to be spent on research, which they say will benefit …


South African fisheries urged to keep it simple

The aquaculture industry in South Africa should farm 'simple' organisms for both ecological and economic reasons, …


'Alarming' HIV rise in young South African women

Outreach strategies are not doing enough to prevent a massive increase in HIV/AIDS in South Africa's young women, …


South Africa announces ‘visionary’ science budget

South Africa has announced a massive increase in science and education spending.


Science and technology millions missing in Nigeria

A dispute over US$125 million missing from a science and technology fund has turned into a battle for Nigeria's …


African academies urge politicians not to ignore them

African science academies call for governments to include them in improving and assessing policy decisions, …


Global health research 'not meeting needs of poor'

Overall global spending on health research is up, but not enough is being spent on health issues of the developing …


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