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Drought-resistant tea highlighted in natural product research

Drought-resistant tea is on an agenda for natural product development and capacity building in Malawi and other …


Malawi launches national health research agenda

Malawi's new five-year agenda sets out national priorities for health research to guide policymaking and …


Purging Malawi's peanuts of deadly aflatoxin

Local efforts to put an end to aflatoxin outbreaks are helping groundnut farmers back to prosperity, reports …


Malawi endorses ethanol-fuelled cars

The Malawi government is promoting ethanol-fuelled cars to make use of its abundant ethanol and reduce petrol …


African rice centre welcomes new members

Four central and eastern African countries have joined the Africa Rice Center with the aim of strengthening rice …


Forecasts predict 'rainfall divide' in Southern Africa

Forecasts predict increases in rain in some Southern African countries and decreases in others, with environmental …


African database will 'tap global knowledge'

A new scheme will help African scientists and students find out where to access scientific information on the Internet.


Fish farming helps rural poor in Malawi

Fish farming has both health and financial benefits for rural families, say researchers, and could help those …


South African scientists welcome Malawi on board

A science and technology agreement between Malawi and South Africa, sharing resources and know-how, holds promise …


World rice research centres unite for Africa

Three international rice research centres will combine forces to boost rice production in Africa.


Farmers use cheap technology to fight fungus

Farmers now have access to cheap technology to detect dangerous fungal toxins in their food crops.


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