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Access to export markets 'requires policy rethink'

Southern African livestock farmers will miss out on access to export markets unless international trade …


South Africa gets nanotech underway

South African researchers are using nanotechnology to develop novel health tools, including inexpensive tests for …


Traditional medicine supplies falling as demand rises

Decreasing supplies of medicinal plants are endangering South Africa's traditional medicine industry, says a report.


Namibia's poor 'will be hit hard' by climate change

Poor people in Namibia will be greatly affected by the economic impacts of climate change, warns a study.


Africa and EU deepen S&T relationship

A new four-year initiative has been approved by the European Union to enhance partnership between African and …


Poor antenatal HIV care in South Africa 'inexcusable'

Mother-to-child HIV transmission in South Africa is going undetected due to inadequacies in treatment, according …


Research sheds new light on malaria parasite

Researchers have shown that malaria parasite behaviour depends on the changing conditions of its human host.


Paid malaria workers 'save more lives'

Providing health workers with financial incentives could decrease the malaria death toll, according to research.


South Africa grooms students for astrophysics

South Africa is training bright youngsters in preparation for the potential establishment of the Square Kilometre …


South African scientists crack drug-resistant TB code

The genome of a strain of extremely drug-resistant TB has been sequenced by South African scientists, and could …


South African scientists will rise to Gates' challenge

Researchers in South Africa are gearing up to apply for funding announced by the Gates Foundation to prioritise …


African HIV programmes 'fail to retain patients'

Over one third of people with HIV drop out of antiretroviral therapy programmes in Sub-Saharan Africa after two …


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