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Abdus Salam's unfinished business

Abdus Salam used his genius to promote science in the developing world, but his legacy remains unfulfilled, says …


Nepal faces shortage of young scientists

Nepal needs to attract more students to S&T courses or face a serious shortage of scientists, experts say.


Pakistan’s novel open access instrumentation

Pakistan's 'open access instrumentation' initiative can be replicated in other developing countries, opines …


Nepal plans biotechnology centre

Nepal’s new national biotechnology centre is expected to boost research in the sector.


Nepalese scheme could help retain science talent

Nepal will launch a stipends scheme to support bright science students and encourage them to stay in the country.


Cambridge to 'brain train' in India

Cambridge University is exploring collaboration in innovation, and ways to 'brain train' in India.


Pakistan's young scientists recognised in new academy

Pakistan's young scientists — aged 40 years and under — have set up an academy to boost their …


Turning the brain drain from threat to opportunity

Europe's recent bid to attract more skilled workers underlines developing countries' need for greater – not …


Nepali scientists 'abandoning' national science academy

Nepali scientists are increasingly deserting their national science and technology academy in search of better jobs.


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