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India expands its biodiversity databases

By expanding and interlinking its biodiversity databases India hopes to better inform policymakers.


Guide and glossary to CBD

The Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) has spawned a series of agreements and technical phrases.


Gaps in India’s implementation of biodiversity law

Ten years after introducing a Biodiversity Act, India is yet to put it to serious use, say Shalini Bhutani and …


World citizens worry about biodiversity loss

A public consultation on biodiversity loss shows that most people are concerned.


Nepal scores in fight against wheat rust

Limited resources have not stopped Nepali plant breeders from gaining international recognition in the fight …


Tribal knowledge of millets proves superior

Tribal people in the hills of Tamil Nadu have better knowledge of millet varieties than taxonomists, a study shows.


India to patent tribal medicinal knowledge

India will help primitive tribes in the remote Andaman and Nicobar islands patent their traditional medicines.


South Asia News in brief: 1–15 March 2008

A round-up of news from or about South Asia for the period 1–15 March 2008.


WIPO recognises developing world rights

The World Intellectual Property Organization has adopted a fresh agenda that recognises the rights and needs of …


'Biopiracy' requires reasoned treatment

The fight against biopiracy must embrace both legitimate science and social justice if biodiversity itself is not …


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