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Jatropha can revive degraded land, says study

Jatropha plantations may not be the magic source of biodiesel, but can help recover degraded lands, says a new …


'Algal biofuels are no energy panacea'

Algal biofuels, like crops, demand land, water, fertilisers, pesticides and inputs that are costly for India, says …


Carbonised red mud can treat water cheaply

Red mud waste from alumina production, when carbonised, can be used to treat water cheaply, new research shows.


Nepal leads biogas collaboration

Nepal plans to expand its household biogas programme, a model for developing countries, into commercial use.


Salt-loving plants in Pakistan 'potential biofuel sources'

Grasses that thrive in Pakistan's saline marshes can be potential sources of biofuels, according to a study.


Adding nanoparticles 'makes for friendly biofuels'

'Nanoadditives' can improve the performance of biofuels, and reduce smoke and other toxic emissions in diesel …


India launches mega research initiative on soot

India's newly launched black carbon research initiative will aim to better understand the effects of soot on …


India should consider new-generation biofuels

Land scarcity may compel India to source biofuels from second-generation options such as woody biomass, tall …


South Asia News in brief: 17 February–3 March 2008

A round up of news from or about South Asia for the period 17 February–3 March 2008.


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