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Nuke energy eclipses climate change in Pakistan's budget

Pakistan's 2012–2013 budget favours atomic energy over agriculture and climate change.


Pakistan’s renewable energy awaits tapping

Pakistan is unable to tap its renewable energy wealth for poor policies.


Funding apathy hits South-South collaboration

South-South collaboration is falling back, due to both political and financial crises.


Pakistan debates GM cotton’s success

Pakistan’s farmers and scientists argue over the success of GM cotton.


'South Asian science collaboration hostage to political agendas'

South Asian countries should drop political agendas in favour of collaboration in sustainable development …


Agroforestry can fix Pakistan’s depleting tree cover

Pakistan should turn to agroforestry to stem its shrinking forest cover, say experts.


US to help Pakistan fight foot and mouth disease

Pakistan hopes to stem economic losses from foot and mouth disease with support from US scientists.


Pakistan seeks Asian help in dengue research

Pakistan is tapping Asian expertise in dengue research, but this does not extend to improving surveillance.


Pakistan to expand satellite network

Pakistan plans, through collaboration with other countries, to expand its network of satellites in space.


Pakistan expands glacier monitoring network

A new high-altitude monitoring station will enhance Pakistan’s ability to study floods and other climate …


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