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India needs universal health coverage, public health investment

India must invest in public health, say experts.


Antibiotic resistance: Frequently asked questions

Priya Shetty answers some common questions surrounding antibiotic resistance, and the dangers for the developing …


Promising malaria vaccine mimics natural immunity

A potential malaria vaccine that has shown promising results in its first trials in humans, mimics the natural …


Malaria research 'needs ten times more funding'

Research into malaria gets just one-tenth of the funding it needs, says an international alliance of organisations …


Global intellectual property body looks South

The World Intellectual Property Organisation has set up a committee to discuss how to incorporate development into …


Developing nations 'must fight chronic diseases'

Governments in developing countries could save millions of lives each year by paying more attention to chronic …


Prize for defenders of scientists' human rights

Two scientists have been awarded a prize for defending the human rights of students and scientists imprisoned for …


Progress on UN development goals 'can't be measured'

International goals to tackle hunger, poverty and disease are virtually ineffective because they cannot be …


Health experts call for global animal surveillance

Health experts have called for a global early warning system to guard against infectious diseases that could …


New hope for people infected with severe malaria

Plant-based drug is far more effective than quinine in adults, but may not work for children, say researchers.


Defining the 'hot' in biodiversity hotspots

Conservation strategies for biodiversity hotspots need to take into account what makes them 'hot', say researchers.


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