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Indo-French satellite to boost climate insight

The Megha-Tropiques Indo-French satellite will enhance understanding of tropical weather phenomena.


New genes for diabetes in South Asians found

The discovery of six new genes for a common form of diabetes among South Asians could offer clues for better …


India to patent tribal medicinal knowledge

India will help primitive tribes in the remote Andaman and Nicobar islands patent their traditional medicines.


Ancient lake outburst 'holds clues to climate change events'

Geologists studying the site of an ancient glacial lake outburst in the Himalayas say climate change could cause …


Adding nanoparticles 'makes for friendly biofuels'

'Nanoadditives' can improve the performance of biofuels, and reduce smoke and other toxic emissions in diesel …


India takes to new flood-tolerant rice

Scientists hope that a new flood-tolerant rice breed will replace popular varieties in India’s flood-prone …


Chikungunya joint pain different from that in rheumatoid arthritis

Joint pain in chikungunya patients often mimics rheumatoid arthritis symptoms but the course and treatment are …


Africa, India to boost agricultural technology cooperation

Smallholder farmers in Africa are expected to benefit from a technology agreement signed with India this month.


Wild turmeric effective in filariasis vector control

Wild turmeric extract could help control the mosquito that spreads lymphatic filariasis, say scientists.


Indian farmers call for local crop focus

India must harness resilient local species to aid adaptation to climate change, says a farmers' jury, and focus …


Indian innovation stands to improve, says report

India is ranked behind Brazil and China for growth in innovative capacity, says a new report, but its tech …


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