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Forced migration key issue at desert meeting

Environmental migration will be a key topic when international experts discuss desertification in Algeria next week.


Change in the air: science in the Muslim world

The Islamic world's scientific agency is on a path to reform. Ehsan Masood assesses the obstacles on the road ahead.


Protecting biodiversity 'may clash with pursuit of MDGs'

A UN drive to halve global poverty by 2015 could interfere with simultaneous international efforts to halt the …


United States brings science focus to agricultural aid

The United States has launched a strategy to increase the role of science in its agricultural aid programmes for …


Science historian to run Islamic collaboration body

The main intergovernmental body of Muslim countries has elected an expert in Ottoman science as its new secretary …


A.Q. Khan: nuclear outcast, but scientific benefactor

Ehsan Masood describes the varied contributions of Pakistani scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan to his country's research …


Musharraf seeks boost for Muslim science

The president of Pakistan has urged fellow Muslim leaders to increase their science budgets to help reduce poverty …


Pakistan seeks to learn from Indian genomics firm

Pakistan is to allow a team of healthcare researchers to study the work of a leading Indian genomics company.


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