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Abdus Salam's unfinished business

Abdus Salam used his genius to promote science in the developing world, but his legacy remains unfulfilled, says …


Recognising genuine innovation

Pakistan's science establishment, though taken in by an implausible claim to fuel automobiles with water, cannot …


Sound institutions could quickly boost Muslim science

Muslim countries need good quality institutions to motivate researchers, argues Athar Osama.


Policy should cultivate, not design, industry clusters

Governments should cultivate emerging clusters of technology-based industries, not design them from scratch, says …


ICT for development: hope or hype?

Athar Osama argues that despite big new initiatives, ICT's reputation as a major driver of development is so far …


Time for a venture capital comeback

Athar Osama says that while attempts to transplant US-style venture capitalism to the developing world may still …


The policy key to Pakistan's software dreams

World-class success still eludes Pakistan’s IT industry but, says Athar Osama, it can be achieved — if …


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