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Hike in Pakistan's nuclear research jars against science funding cuts

Pakistan has increased its nuclear research outlay, but has cut its overall science funding.


Pakistan orders fresh trials on local hepatitis drug

Pakistan will conduct new clinical trials on a controversial, locally-made drug against hepatitis B.


Pakistan changes its science minister

Pakistan has changed it science minister amidst a series of controversies.


Pakistan to prepare climate change strategy post floods

Pakistan's newly announced climate change strategy will tackle adverse impacts of events like the recent …


Pakistan's young scientists recognised in new academy

Pakistan's young scientists — aged 40 years and under — have set up an academy to boost their …


Biosafety back on the agenda in Pakistan

Pakistan's Biological Safety Association has been reinvigorated with new powers in a drive to enhance biosafety …


Pakistan planning body slams science PhD 'mills'

A Pakistani development plan has criticised the country's mass PhD production, and says that the system needs …


Soaps and detergents 'could help tackle bird flu'

Scientists have shown that ordinary soaps and detergents can kill the bird flu virus, but warn the method cannot …


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