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Brazil, India, South Africa join new research fund

Some BRICS countries have joined eight developed nations to create a new funding mechanism for international …


HIV mothers 'need focused healthcare post-birth'

HIV-positive women are more vulnerable to infection after giving birth and should receive focused healthcare, say …


Scientists call for more patient-friendly TB drugs

Scientists have found why many patients don't adhere to TB drug regimens — and say new patient-friendly treatments …


Microsoft accelerates free access to journals

Microsoft has agreed to provide software to allow scientists in the developing world easier and more secure free …


Two barriers no better than one against HIV

An extra physical barrier against HIV infection offers women no more protection than a condom, according to a …


New HIV/AIDS drug 'effective but costly'

A study has shown that a HIV drug is effective in a range of treatment-experienced HIV patients, but may be too …


'No benefit' from higher vitamin A doses

Research comparing the WHO-recommended dose of vitamin A with a higher dose found no difference in the effect on …


Genetic diversity the key to malaria's success

Malaria's success may be due to a large number of genetic tricks, but revealing them could help in the development …


Science journalists urged to report fraud

Science journalists need to be vigilant when investigating fraud, say speakers at the World Conference of Science …


WHO: 'Male circumcision can aid HIV control efforts'

The World Health Organization and UNAIDS have agreed that circumcision be recommended as an additional method of …


New initiative to fight livestock disease launched

A ten-year initiative will develop vaccines, treatments and diagnostics for livestock in developing countries.


Safety concerns halt trials of HIV microbicide

Clinical trials of an anti-HIV gel have been stopped for safety reasons, but scientists say research into other …


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