Course: Wetlands, integrated water resources management and food security

Wetlands play an essential role in supporting food security, in making water resources management sustainable and in adapting to climate change impacts. How do we prevent that wetlands continue to disappear in the same rate as in the past and that these valuable ecosystem services are lost? We believe we need stewards who can advocate the value of wetlands. Restoring and maintaining wetlands is often cheaper than man-made solutions to guarantee water and food security. The course examines the roles wetlands play in the water - food nexus in a changing climate, and trains on how to value wetlands services. Attention to skills like lobby & advocacy enables participants to become leaders of change. Date: 03 - 21 June 2019 Registration deadline – general: 22 April 2019 Registration deadline - Orange Knowledge Programme (OKP)/MENA Fellowship: 16 October 2018 Location: Wageningen, The Netherlands For more information and online registration please visit the website:


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