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COP 23 hopes to move Paris Accord forward

New COP presidency set to prioritise the interests of small-island nations as talks turn to implementation

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Asia’s universities inching up world rankings

Some universities are approaching the top 20, their success partly down to ‘brain gain’ and research investment.

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Scientists shouldn’t miss a chance to expose fake news

Fake news on social media erodes trust in science and threatens media freedom as countries warn of crackdowns.

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Asia-Pacific sits out global March for Science

Asia-Pacific region conspicuously missing in the March for Science.

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Overlooked rainfall and cooling effects of forests

Scientists say that forests regulate climate more through their role in rainfall than by acting as carbon sinks.

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Asia-Pacific Analysis: Tough times for the mining industry

The closure of several mines in the Philippines puts the region’s spotlight on an industry often seen as destructive.

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Asia-Pacific Analysis: R&D spending boosts development

… While global R&D spending is at a new high, 80 per cent of that comes from only 10 countries, reports Crispin Maslog. …

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Asia-Pacific Analysis: Asia’s invisible women farmers

Women, the saying goes, hold up half the sky but in Asia’s farms, women don’t get half the credit for their work.

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Asia-Pacific Analysis: Time for SIDS to set sail

… Organisers say the conference on small island states was a ‘shining success’, but Crispin Maslog asks what next? …



Highlighting the top ten features of 2013

Taking a hard look behind the headlines of the year, SciDev.Net hand picks some of the top features of 2013.

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