Bird flu update: 3 January 2006

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Below is a roundup of the key developments on the spread of the bird flu virus (H5N1) and the threat it poses to human health. Each title is a link to the full article.

Tuesday 3 January 2006

Fake bird flu drugs sold on the Internet
Hundreds of fake Tamiflu pills sold to US consumers by online Asian entrepreneurs have been seized (Source: Mercury News).

Saturday 31 December 2005

Bird flu ‘under control’ in Indonesia
Of the 21 provinces initially affected by the deadly H5N1 virus, only three remain a problem, says Indonesia’s health minister (Source: Xinhua).

Friday 30 December 2005

China reports seventh human case of bird flu
A 41-year-old woman from Fujian province is the seventh human case of bird flu in China and the third there to die of the disease, say officials (Source: US Department of State).

Bird flu cases ‘dwindle’ in Vietnam
Bird flu outbreaks have ended in 15 provinces, according to official criteria, leaving six still affected (Source: Xinhua).

Thursday 29 December 2005

‘Bad vaccines’ blamed for continuing bird flu in China
Robert Webster, a leading virologist, says China must be using a “bad vaccine” on poultry, which would explain the continuing bird flu outbreaks (Source: Reuters).

Wednesday 28 December 2005

UN vet says fish farming not a bird flu risk
Widespread use of poultry excrement to fertilise fish farms does not greatly increase the risk of bird flu, says the FAO’s chief veterinary officer (Source: Reuters).

Human transport of birds ‘is more risky’ than migration
Scientists have found no strong link between the spread of bird flu and the migratory routes of wild birds, suggesting that human transportation is more likely to spread the disease (Source: Associated Press).

UN praise for bird flu plans in United Arab Emirates
An FAO official has praised measures taken by the United Arab Emirates to ward off bird flu (Source: Khaleej Times Online).

Tuesday 27 December 2005

New Chinese drug to fight bird flu ‘more effective than Tamiflu’
Chinese scientists have developed a new drug to treat those infected with the deadly H5N1 virus, and say it is more effective than leading drug Tamiflu (Source: China Daily).

Saturday 24 December 2005

Chinese people need greater awareness of bird flu: WHO official
A WHO official says the fight against bird flu in China needs to be fought at the community level, with increased ability to spot and report outbreaks (Source: Xinhua).