The Famine Early Warning Systems Network (FEWS NET) — funded by the United States Agency for International Development — collaborates with international, regional and national partners to provide timely early warning and vulnerability information on emerging and evolving food security issues.  

FEWS NET monitors and analyses relevant data and information, and uses a suite of communications and decision support products to help decision-makers act to mitigate food insecurity. These products include monthly food security updates for 25 countries, regular food security outlooks, and alerts, as well as briefings and support to contingency and response planning efforts.

More in-depth studies in areas such as livelihoods and markets provide additional information to support analysis as well as program and policy development.

FEWS NET focuses its efforts on strengthening early warning and food security networks, by developing capacity, building and strengthening networks, developing policy-useful information, and building consensus around food security problems and solutions.

The website acts as a platform for announcing food security conditions all over the world, and contains many analytical reports and policy briefs.


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