The Doyle Foundation has been established in honour of Dr John J Doyle, formerly Deputy Director General of the International Laboratory for Research on Animal Diseases (now part of the International Livestock Research Institute) in Nairobi, Kenya. Dr Doyle died in 1999 at the age of 55, after an outstanding career in international agricultural research and veterinary medicine.

The purpose of the foundation is to advocate and provide support for the role of science in international development, in keeping with Dr Doyle's wide interests and beliefs that science should be directed at solving clearly defined problems.

The Doyle Foundation was officially launched at the University of Glasgow Veterinary School on 30 June 2000.

The Doyle Foundation provides a forum for analysis and advocacy of the role of science in development with special regard to livestock health and the safe applications of modern biotechnology.

Emphasis is given to identifying the research needed to reduce the constraints on production of livestock, especially in Africa, and targeted broadly to livestock health and production and related fields. The Foundation achieves its aims through support for fellowships, sharing information and knowledge and related activities.


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