I would like to add some further comments regarding your editorial on November 18 2002 on the US/Vatican position on human cloning. The procedure for both therapeutic and reproductive cloning is the same, and it is therefore unjustified to say that we have only a "potential human being" in the case of therapeutic cloning. If this were true we would not be able to have any such thing as reproductive cloning, i.e. we could not "produce" any human beings through that same process. Furthermore, the "scientific argument" that life begins 14 days after conception is in itself flawed: if there were no conception in the first place, then no life would be possible, not after 14 days or nine months. Given these points, it is not acceptable for a democratic country to exploit human life for research to benefit other people (as in the medical research undertaken in concentration camps) without prior consent, or for other people to define the genetic makeup of others.