I entirely agree with Subbiah Arunachalam's comment on the need to publicly archive research done by Indian scientists with Indian funding (See Developing nations should back open access to science).

These studies pass through rigorous processes to obtain funds. Often, these studies are planned according to the needs of our country and are not driven by funders in other countries

It is unfortunate that we are unable to recognise the value of our own researchers, and wait instead for external agencies to do so. Thus, the importance of international journals grows, whereas that of our own national journals does not.

There is a need to re-examine the way we evaluate science and also develop our own regulations to ensure that they conform to international standards. No doubt international standards are important, but recognising our own potential through our own measures is significant for national development.

It is important to acknowledge the potential of Indian scientists. We have to establish ways to identify, recognise and contribute to their development through our system. Indian journals are only a means for such development of Indian scientists.