Now that the dust is settling on the findings/warnings of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (see Scientists united on human-induced climate change), be prepared for the usual rhetoric from our political classes, espousing their urgent desire to do something about this immense threat to the planet.

But if history repeats itself on such global matters — and the process proceeds like the response to the bird flu panic of two years ago — very little from our politicians will make any difference whatsoever. 

I say this as less than US$400 million has been received to combat the H5N1 virus from government pledges of US$2,000 million in 2005.

As always, our politicians will say all the right words and press all the right buttons to comfort people — but their words will not be backed up by their actions.

Unfortunately, global warming and avian flu will inflict more destructive forces on humankind than all military conflicts combined.

It is time that the US$1 trillion or more that governments around the world spend yearly on defence is reallocated to matters that really count — and not to the folly of pandering to the destructive forces that will lead to our extinction.

I would respectfully ask: don't our politicians realise where they are taking all of us?

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