This report analyses the technological trend for decreasing size, focussing specifically on nanotechnology and its implications. Produced by the ETC Group, a Canadian non-governmental organisation and critic of nanotechnology, it provides an overview of nanotechnology, its impacts and risks.

With plentiful background material, the report describes in detail the range of present and future 'atomtechnologies', how they work, and some of the new products we might expect to see in the near future. It identifies the major players in the field, including governments, universities and companies small and large, and goes on to make policy recommendations.

The report urges caution regarding the adoption of nanotechnology and warns of its potential negative impacts. Highlighting the lack of intergovernmental forums focussing on nanotechnology, it calls for governments and civil society organisations to form an 'international convention for the evaluation of new technologies'. The report also contains a useful glossary.


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