This guide was written in response to needs expressed over the past decade by Southern negotiators involved in the international climate change regime. It pays tribute to the special circumstances in which negotiators from developing countries find themselves. The result is a comprehensive and accessible guide to the climate negotiations.

The guide covers the negotiating context of climate change, sums up the key problems faced by negotiators, and identifies ways to deal with these problems. The first part of the guide introduces the problem of climate change, the UN bodies and their rules and procedures. The second part includes negotiating skills, practical tips and coping strategies. Particularly useful are explanations of the nomenclature of official UN documents, the section on state and non-state actors, and the index to the Framework Convention by keyword.

With tips on related literature in each section and its plain language, this manual is likely to be useful to anyone interested in the climate negotiations. However, it will be of particular value to Southern negotiators, helping them to understand and deal with the climate change negotiations.

[The guide is also available in French and Spanish.]