In June 2004, the Meridian Institute held a meeting of nanotechnology science policy advisors from 25 countries and the European Union. Argentina, Brazil, India, Mexico and South Africa were all represented.

In preparation for the meeting, participants were asked to answer a questionnaire. In it, they described national research and development programmes, funding and regulations for nanotechnology. They were also asked to say what they believed were the key issues that needed to be addressed in order to ensure the responsible development of nanotechnology.

The Meridian Institute's website provides access to the completed questionnaires, including answers and presentations from the developing nations mentioned above. These documents offer valuable insight into the growing industries of the most important nanotechnology players in the developing world.

The final report of the June meeting, also available on this site, includes a chapter summarising the discussions that took place in a workgroup on nanotechnologies in developing countries.


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