Brazil's Initial National Communication to the UNFCCC was published by the Ministry of Science and Technology. The document has three parts. The first section introduces institutional arrangements that support and deal with climate change in Brazil, and outlines the national and regional development priorities that underlie decision-making.

The second section provides a national inventory of greenhouse gas emissions from Brazil's economic sectors from 1990 to 1994. It also details the uncertainties in the estimates, particularly relating to land use, land use change and forestry.

The final section explains the measures underway to implement the UNFCCC: sustainable development, research and systematic observation, education/training/public awareness, and measures addressing climatic effects. There are sections describing national and regional capacity, and how climate change will be integrated into medium- and long-term planning.

This long policy-driven document provides a thorough insight into how Brazil is approaching climate change. Note: The file is very large.


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