This report brings together articles on the globalisation of research and development (R&D) and its implications for developing countries.

Among the key issues examined are:

  • the development potential of R&D funded by foreign direct investment (FDI);
  • the impact of R&D-based FDI on technology transfer;
  • the types of R&D that are beneficial to development; and
  • policy interventions that can influence R&D-based FDI in developing countries.


The report reviews the growing number of multinational corporations' R&D activities in select developing countries and their driving forces. It discusses the importance of national policies in acquiring and originating countries as well as international ones.

The report is presented in four parts. The first discusses R&D's globalisation. The second introduces case studies from developing and transition countries. The third presents policy issues. And the last part is a collection of opinion articles.

A key conclusion of this report is that policy interventions can be fundamental to fostering and attracting R&D-based FDI to developing countries.


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