This annual report reviews global biotech areas by country, crop and trait. It identifies the top 14 'mega-countries' (there were ten in 2003), nations growing 50,000 hectares, or more, of biotech crops. It notes that during 2004 the absolute growth in biotech crop area was, for the first time, higher for developing countres (7.2 million hectares) than for industrial countries (6.1 million hectares).

The review points out that the increased hectarage and impact of the five principal developing countries (China, India, Argentina, Brazil and South Africa) has implications for the future adoption and acceptance of biotech crops worldwide, and it provides full overviews for each of the five countries.

This review comes from the International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-biotech Applications (ISAAA), whose stated objective is 'to provide information and knowledge to the scientific community and society re biotech/GM crops, to facilitate a more informed and transparent discussion re their potential role in contributing to global food, feed and fibre security, and more sustainable agriculture'.


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