The Greenpeace Environment Trust commissioned this report by a researcher at Imperial College London, UK. It examines the mid-2003 state of nanotechnology, and covers basic knowledge and applications, as well as environmental and socio-political concerns and medical ethics.

The report concludes that much of nanotechnology is still in its infancy, making future outcomes difficult to predict. It states that initial applications of nanotechnology will be limited to relatively few products and services and that "we are unlikely to witness any radical developments during the next 15 years unless a series of fundamental breakthroughs occurs between now and then". But, it says, the impact of nanotechnology could be substantial 30-50 years from now.

The report provides a detailed summary of specific applications of nanotechnology in the fields of defence, informatics, pharmaceuticals and medicine, and energy. It highlights the need for public awareness of nanotechnology and for the industry to conduct research into potential negative impacts. The second half of the report concerns artificial intelligence and robotics. {{LINK_LABEL_GO_TO_DOCUMENT}}