This report introduces FCPR (Forest Conservation Performance Rating), a system of colour-coded ratings for tropical forest conservation performance. The ratings reward tropical forest conservation by giving a green rating to countries, states and provinces that are on track to zero tropical forest clearing in 2025; yellow when progress is better than expected but insufficient to achieve the 2025 target; and red when performance is worse than expected.

The report describes how the system was used to rate the quarterly conservation performance of 27 countries, which were responsible for 94 percent of tropical forest clearing during 2000–2005, as well as 242 of their states and provinces that contain tropical forests.

Results include a 'green' rating for Latin America, largely accounted for by Brazil; a yellow rating for the Asia-Pacific region, because 'green' Indonesia is counterbalanced by 'red' Malaysia, Cambodia and Papua New Guinea, and 'yellow' Myanmar; and a 'red' rating for Africa.


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