This Arab Human Development Report (AHDR) focuses on the challenge of building a knowledge society in the Arab world.

AHDRs have been fairly successful in creating not only dialogue and debate on important socioeconomic and political issues within the region but also catalysing policymakers across Arab countries to improve the state of the Arab world.

This report tackles several important issues relevant to knowledge creation, dissemination and utilisation in the Arab world. It addresses the state of current knowledge in Arab countries; the conceptual linkage between knowledge creation and economic development; the production, dissemination, and measurement of knowledge capital; and the socioeconomic, cultural and political aspects of knowledge creation and use specific to Arab countries, including the role of science and technology.

It presents a five-pillar strategic vision for creating an Arab knowledge society including disseminating high-quality education and building scientific research and development capacity science, and keeping abreast with the information age.

The report is especially valuable for policymakers associated with education, science, technology and innovation realms.