This statement, released by the InterAcademy Panel on International Issues (IAP), voices the support of more than 50 scientific academies worldwide for greater access to scientific publications.

"Most scientists and research laboratories in developing countries cannot afford ... journal subscriptions, or have to pay for access to the databases that exist in more economically advanced nations," it says. "All nations must have access to the accumulation of scientific knowledge in order to work toward a better future for all people."

The statement makes five main recommendations: 1) that electronic access to journal be made available immediately upon publication for scientists in developing nations; 2) that journal content be prepared for electronic distribution to facilitate ease of use; 3) that journal content be archived collectively, either by private or government organisations; 4) that governments and publishers work together to raise awareness of the availability of free access to scientific journals; and 5) that scientific databases obtained by intergovernmental organisations be made freely available.