Conflict diseases to snakebites – 2018 in features

Bornean Keeled Green Pit Viper
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  • Conflict and disease in the Middle East
  • Scientists and subscription journals tussle for power
  • Satellites supporting health services

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Stigmatisation and ignorance still rife 35 years after HIV revealed as cause of AIDS
To commemorate the discovery of the virus behind AIDS, we use datasets and expert interviews look at the persistent problem of stigma, and how it stops people from seeking treatment.
Arab countries caught in a cycle of war and disease
Our team of reporters across the Middle East looks at the health impact of conflicts in the region, and explores the losing battle fought by health agencies against cholera, leishmaniasis and polio.
Birth cushion – the power of culturally aware healthcare
For many African women, opening their legs during birthing is considered improper. The birth cushion is revolutionising maternity care in Uganda by making mothers more comfortable.
Scientists and subscription journals tussling for power
As science publisher Springer Nature makes yet another journal subject to subscription fees, scientists promoting open access highlight the damage caused by keeping research results behind a paywall. 
Mapping techniques to ‘leave no one behind’
Ever since people first organised into states, maps have been essential tools for power, communication and organisation. Now the latest satellite imagery is supporting health services, disaster relief and infrastructure planning in poor countries.