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SciDev.Net Supported Content

Scidev.Net offers third party organizations the chance to support our content and raise awareness of
common topics of interest among SciDev.Net’s large audience of policy makers, science communicators, media professionals, and development stakeholders.
Supported Content can take different shapes and formats. The most common ones on SciDev.Net are:

Feel free to send us an email to [email protected], with “supported content” in subject, or any of the formats titles below to get more information.

Supported feature

In a feature or series of features our journalists can examine the research being produced on a specific topic. Articles can be published within a short timeframe to effectively focus the attention of the audience or over a longer period to provide our readers with a regular flow of information on the topic. We can translate and publish our content on the relevant regional edition.

In addition to publishing on our own website and pushing them through our normal marketing
channels including our weekly newsletter and social media channels, we also promote
our content to our syndication partners.

Interactive Data Visualization

Data visualizations projects are a type of content that allows our readers to interact with the story in a way that other article types do not provide. While data visualizations are more challenging and costly to produce, they are also some of the most appealing and engaging content we produce. Data visualizations also continue to attract readers long after first publication. Data visualization projects can vary greatly in scale and complexity, and every large data visualization piece is unique and highly optimized to the partner and topic needs.

Supported debates

We can hold debates around a specific topic, bringing in senior policymakers and academics to put forward their views. Debates are usually combined with Q&A interviews of people of our choosing and a final analysis feature bringing together some of the issues raised.


About SciDev.Net and our audience

SciDev.Net is the world’s leading source of reliable and authoritative news, views and analysis about science and technology for global development.

We offer our content in four different languages from 80 different countries around the globe to a wide range of development stakeholders including policy makers, scientists and researchers, media, and NGOs. Every year we reach an average audience of 80 million across all our channels (website, social media and syndication).

Our editorial values hold us to the highest standards of journalism and transparency. We are also part of The Trust Project, an international consortium of news organizations developing and applying standards of journalism transparency and trustworthiness, while working with tech giants like Google and Facebook to help readers discern properly reported articles from fake news.
For more information about supported content, please send an email to: [email protected], with “supported content” in subject, or any of the formats titles above.

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