International short course: Milking to potential

Growing demand for dairy products has led to a significant increase in public and private involvement and to new opportunities for a range of stakeholders.

This 2 weeks course will enable participants in designing and implementing dairy development strategies in emerging economies. This course will use a mix of lectures, discussions, group work and field trips to offer background, theoretical foundations, as well as practical approaches for production and market development. The dairy sector of both the EU and the global south economies will be considered in the lectures. Taking the participants’ own situation as a starting point, we will analyse the current condition, explore options that are already available for further development and design new dairy systems in a responsible manner.

Target audience The basic prerequisite for participation in the course is active interest and professional experience in this field. Participants should be proficient in English, and have at least a BSc degree or an equivalent academic qualification.

Upon completion of the course you will:
- have a clear picture of the multiple aspects of dairy systems, their relation with markets and the emerging challenges and opportunities due to urbanization, climate change, decreasing of resources and consumers demand;
- have the ability to develop scenarios in search of alternative options and trade-offs in resource-scarce situations, using state-of-the-art approaches;
- design own transition paths for the introduction of innovative farming interventions that are socially, economically and ecologically balanced.

Practical Information Date: 14 - 25 May 2018

Application deadline: 02 April 2018 Deadline NFP/MENA: 18 October 2017 (for a fellowship opportunity) Location: The Netherlands


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