Course: Landscape Governance

Forested landscapes worldwide are increasingly integrated in global processes of trade, market development, resource exploitation and climate change. Site-based or community level approaches can no longer cope with these issues which exceed the local sphere of influence.
Although landscapes are usually considered to be appropriate levels to negotiate land use options, they are rarely recognised as units of political- administrative decision making, hence do not have any formal place in decentralised structures of states.
This course challenges NRM professionals to adopt an integrative landscape perspective, building bridges between the public and the private sector, and develop innovative governance mechanisms at the landscape level, for more inclusive spatial decision making.
Date: 01 - 12 April 2019
Registration deadline – general: 18 February 2019
Registration deadline – Orange Knowledge Programme (OKP)/MENA Fellowships: 16 October 2018
Location: Wageningen, Netherlands
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