Course: Evaluating and managing for sustainable development impact

The development landscape has changed significantly over the last few decades, becoming increasingly complex. Many of the issues we face today, such as climate change, poverty and conflict, call for a new way of doing business, so as to collaboratively contribute towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
The Managing for Sustainable Development Impact (M4SDI) approach has evolved to support leaders and development practitioners how to navigate this complexity and manage their initiative/organisation successfully towards sustainable development impact.
The M4SDI approach is an integrated, results oriented management approach, which can be used across a range of sectors and domains in a variety of contexts. It addresses some of the most pressing concerns, such as engaging primary stakeholders, designing effective strategies and related monitoring and evaluation (M&E), focusing on capacity development, and responding to change in a complex context.
Addressing the complex challenges of today calls for an integrated, learning-oriented approach to planning, monitoring and evaluation. You will learn about the ‘Managing for Sustainable Development Impact’ approach which is a people- and results-oriented approach to management, integrating planning, monitoring and evaluation processes for increased impact.

Date: 18 March - 05 April 2019
Registration deadline – general: 04 February 2019
Registration deadline – Orange Knowledge Programme (OKP)/MENA Fellowships: 16 October 2018 Location: Wageningen, Netherlands For more information and online registration please visit the website:


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